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Carver, Larry
February 22nd, 2007 under Staff Researchers. [ Comments: none ]

Director of Library Technologies and Digital Initiatives, Davidson Libraries, UCSB
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Larry CarverLarry Carver is Director of Library Technologies and Digital Initiatives at the UCSB Davidson Libraries. He is responsible for all digital technologies including digital library initiatives. He is also Director of the Map and Imagery Laboratory home of the Alexandria Geospatial Digital Library. His current projects are the restructuring of IT within the Davidson Libraries to support Enterprise computing digital library services and acting as the Principle Investigator for the National Geospatial Digital Archive Project, funded by the United States Library of Congress. Some of his accomplishments include the Design and building of the MIL and overseeing the data collections of more than five million data objects. He has developed many industrial partnerships for hardware, software and other data archive resources and put into operation the geospatial digital library, ADL.

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Literature in the twenty-first century is computational. Almost all print books are digital files before they become books; this is the form in which they are composed, edited, composited, and sent to the computerized machines that produce them as books. They should, then, properly be considered as electronic texts for which print is the output form. The computational nature of twenty-first century literature is most evident, however, in electronic literature, literature that is “digital born,” created on a computer and meant to be read on it. More than being marked by digitality, such works are actively formed by it. For those of us interested in the present state of literature and where it might be going, electronic literature raises complex, diverse, and compelling issues.