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Nadal, Paul
May 31st, 2008 under Grad Students

Graduate Student, Rhetoric Department, UC Berkeley

Paul NadalPaul Nadal is a doctoral student in the Rhetoric Department at UC Berkeley working on Asia-Pacific cultural studies, literature, and film. Paul holds a B.A. in English and Ethnic Studies from the University of Washington, an M.A. in Asian American Studies from UCLA, and has studied at the University of the Philippines and Duke University’s Literature Program. One of his current projects includes research on queer aesthetics within the digital filmmaking movement in contemporary Philippine cinema, which is part of his broader concerns around sexuality, postcoloniality, and globalization

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“What needs to be effectively rendered are other possibilities of desire afforded in our acts of remembering, belonging, and living—experiential activities which immediately deal with but cannot, must not, be subsumed by the totalizing operations of modernization.”
– “Toward a Political Economy of Desire,” MA Thesis, UCLA, 2007

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Questions that correlate the nature of authorship with the materiality of writing machines are not new to either literary criticism or to New Media scholarship. However, the environment of Web 2.0, (c. 2003-present) must, by its very nature, develop and expand these questions. If the "death of the author" led to "the birth of the reader" (in an environment where information was primarily linear and controlled by publishing companies), and the electronically-based "hypertext author" raised new possibilities for multi-linear writing (beyond print-based works such as Joyce's Ulysses), what then are the implications of environments constructed entirely by web-based, social networking applications? As never before, we can now turn to Foucault and ask, "What matter who's speaking?