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The area of “new media studies” has recently emerged at the intersection of humanities, arts, social science, and computer science research into digital, networked technologies and their cultural implications. Research fields in this area include humanities computing, digital and network art, electronic literature, critical internet studies, computer-mediated communication, information technology and society, digital textual scholarship, text encoding, human computer interaction (HCI), networking protocols, data mining, data visualization, GIS, game studies, and others. New media studies also has a reverse time-arrow dimension: “media archaeology,” or the study of earlier media (oral, manuscript, print, early industrial) from a postindustrial media perspective.

The UC New Media Directory provides a guide to new media researchers and programs in the University of California system, which has invested strategically in this area. (This site is currently under construction. It is managed by the Transliteracies Project, a UC Multi-campus Research Group.)

Announcement: Recent News
December 17th, 2006 under Home Page. [ Comments: none ]

UC Berkeley Center for New Media

UC Berkeley Center for New Media starts up

Our Goal: To understand the full philosophical, aesthetic, practical and historical significance of the information-age transformations in which we are now immersed, and to place our institution of liberal education at the center of this cultural and technological revolution so we can inform and help direct the design of future media.”

Transliteracies History of Reading Group meeting

Transliteracies Project’s History of Reading Group holds workshop/colloquium.

Presenters include Giles Bergel, Robin Chin, Lisa Gitelman, Mark Goble, James Kearney, Alan Liu, Paula McDowell, Joshua Neves, Carol Braun Pasternack, Clifford Siskin, Lisa Swanstrom, Alison Walker, William Warner.


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