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December 17th, 2006 under Home Page

UC Berkeley Center for New Media

UC Berkeley Center for New Media starts up

Our Goal: To understand the full philosophical, aesthetic, practical and historical significance of the information-age transformations in which we are now immersed, and to place our institution of liberal education at the center of this cultural and technological revolution so we can inform and help direct the design of future media.”

Transliteracies History of Reading Group meeting

Transliteracies Project’s History of Reading Group holds workshop/colloquium.

Presenters include Giles Bergel, Robin Chin, Lisa Gitelman, Mark Goble, James Kearney, Alan Liu, Paula McDowell, Joshua Neves, Carol Braun Pasternack, Clifford Siskin, Lisa Swanstrom, Alison Walker, William Warner.

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I'm not persuaded that information or capital, and these two things see each other when they look in the mirror, routes around us; it just feels that way. All day long, it passes through those of us in the abstract class (and this may be what's meant by the content-free term "middle class"; no wonder it promises its own universality). It is more or less what we do all the time, while we are doing other things, "While someone else is eating or opening a window or just walking dully along." This is the truth of globalization, or of our participation in the world-system. And yet we have little experience of it, of the feeling-which-is-not-one of being a node in the great circulation. This is the fact which I take to be at the missing heart of late modernity: a degree of abstraction so great that, among other things, the abstract becomes representational.