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Williams, Evan Calder
January 31st, 2007 under Grad Students

Graduate Student, Literature Department, UC Santa Cruz

Evan Calder WilliamsEvan Calder Williams is a doctoral candidate in the Literature department at University of California Santa Cruz, where he works on Marxist theory, film, aesthetics, and cultural history. He’s writing a dissertation on misanthropy and dialectical thought in the political cinema of Italy and France in the ’70s. His book, Combined and Uneven Apocalypse, is forthcoming from Zero Books. He writes the blog Socialism and/or Barbarism.

Sometimes they tell us that we’re beating a dead horse, we’re always talking the same shit, about value and totality. These old things like a proletariat or a commodity. We are a broken record of conjunctures and rent and declines and dialectic and closures and losses and there is no one listening other than those who do the saying.

To them we say:

Capitalism is a dead horse and we will beat it ceaseless until there is nothing left, until the broken bones are the gathering dust in the air, we will beat it straight through this winter-sun night until the sky becomes dark.


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