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Kimport, Katrina
January 26th, 2007 under Grad Students

Graduate Student, Sociology Dept., UC Santa Barbara
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Katrina KimportKatrina Kimport is a doctoral student in the Sociology Department at UC Santa Barbara. Her areas of research interest include gender, social movements, sexuality, and culture. For her master’s thesis, she analyzed how actors in social movements framed their claims in the debate over emergency contraception and what these framings communicated about their understandings of gender.

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Questions that correlate the nature of authorship with the materiality of writing machines are not new to either literary criticism or to New Media scholarship. However, the environment of Web 2.0, (c. 2003-present) must, by its very nature, develop and expand these questions. If the "death of the author" led to "the birth of the reader" (in an environment where information was primarily linear and controlled by publishing companies), and the electronically-based "hypertext author" raised new possibilities for multi-linear writing (beyond print-based works such as Joyce's Ulysses), what then are the implications of environments constructed entirely by web-based, social networking applications? As never before, we can now turn to Foucault and ask, "What matter who's speaking?